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Guy Laramee

PLAY | 04.September.2014

Guy Laramee

Happy New Year. We stumbled across this work by artist Guy Laramee. Unique, inspirational and thought provoking. I urge you to read his thoughts behind the works. Enjoy. // Link

WORK | 18.July.2014


Space is the latest cutting edge monitoring and detection system from oil services company, Archer. Working with BrandMatters, we created this striking and challenging product identity which has gained instant recognition in the field. The pattern is an abstract representation of the way the system 'sees' faults and obstructions in an oil well.

WORK | 16.April.2014

The Flying Kiwi

We love projects like this. Ones where the brand that we create works across so many different media. In this case a physical rally car, online, on clothing and now animated into an introduction sequence. Here is the short ident which will be used to introduce all future films. // Link